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Many businesses migrate to different ecommerce platforms several times, mainly because their software integrations do not work. Most of them are understaffed and won't meet their year-end goals, and all of them are unhappy about something in their ecommerce business.

Our team of experts will carefully study your needs, and make a plan that will solve your labor-intensive, sleep-depriving daily grind in 30 days and watch your sales skyrocket.

Let's invest our time and energy in a positive way by making sure we are a good fit for each other.


Help me automate my processes from inventory to customer service. ​learn more

Help me revamp my website's usability to improve sales. learn more

Help me make new processes to reorganize my company and put the right people into the right seats. learn more

Help me revamp my brand using a creative brand identity process. learn more

Help me grow my business with seo, ppc, and social media that truly works. learn more

Help me grow my company to the next level, and I will make as much time as necessary to make it happen.

Help me with my new startup because I have the time and the budget to do it.

Help me put together a growth plan for my business, and break up the total sum into monthly payments.

Help me understand why everyone I previously hired failed to grow my business. I am open to see if you can help me.

Help me figure out what to do next because I am putting out fires all day long and I can’t stop to focus on improving due to cashflow constraints.

Help me understand the next steps because my business growth has stalled.

Help me grow my online business as I have a successful brick and mortar storefront, but not much ecommerce experience. I am open to hearing new ideas.

Give me the price before I understand what you will be doing or how many hours it will take.

I plan to learn every feature of your system before I decide to go live.

I know what I want, I am always successful, I can do everything from setup to marketing, I just need your software.

My webmaster will lead this project without a budget or my involvement.

My webmaster’s opinion is the only one that counts.

Your whole software admin must look exactly like Shopify’s admin as it is more important to me than functionality or automation.

Automate Everything

We control the complete end to end process for setting up your online business and automating everything in it. This includes, Graphic Design, Data Entry, Fine Tuning, Custom Development, Synchronization, and Hosting.

Marketing Automation

We built marketing systems on top of Shopping Cart Elite to work together as a bundle. Shopping Cart Elite is the only ecommerce platform that does a complete A-Z software development and marketing in house for our clients.

Beyond SEO Ready

We implement 100% of the Google Webmaster recommended guidelines, and we also automate a lot of the white hat SEO, as a result we have the ultimate SEO ecommerce platform.

Omni Channel Ready

You can easily sell on eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, and 20 other shopping comparison channels without using another piece of software. Everything is built in right inside Shopping Cart Elite.

Powerful Backend

You will never need to use another piece of software handle the operations of your business. Everything from order management, CRM, ERP, shipping and inventory is handled through one backend.

Everything in the Cloud

Shopping Cart Elite is a Software as a Service cloud hosted solution. It uses a desktop application instead of a web browser to power the backend while saving everything in a cloud hosted data center. Your website is hosted at the data center using a Hypersonic CDN technology.

Highly Secure

Not only are we PCI compliant allowing you to safely process payments through our system, but we developed a proprietary bank vault security for storing financial data. This allows you to store credit card data for recurring payments, while sleeping at night knowing that is it perfectly safe.

World's Fastest

We've deployed a new type of compression found in high quality video streaming called Hyersonic CDN, and today your website speed will bench mark faster than Amazon or Yahoo.


2,500 innovations last year was released to all Shopping Cart Elite customers. We have an R&D labs department, as well as a dozen dedicated developers coding all day long. As a result you will always stay ahead of your competition with your ecommerce software.

Our Clients are at the Heart of Everything We Do


"The simplicity of it. The daily reporting is something that we didn't have in our previous system. And the transparency is great. SCE is so vast that there are lots of places to grow using SCE..."

Michelle Burke - Operations Officer

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