Shopping Cart Elite Master Design templates explained

Unlike other Web Design templates out there, we created a dedicated system to take the "traditional way" of templates creation to the whole new level. The traditional way of templates creation is very strict and does not live alongside the ever-changing web trends. Imagine this; wouldnt it be great if your website design would be so smart and organic to keep itself up-to-date? Well, we actually achieved exactly that with our new way of template distribution, called Master Templates.

Master Templates in other words could also be called "Live Templates". Unlike other templates, our Master Template is very well organized and grouped into different portions/sections of your website. For example: within a Master template, there are five different sub-templates for each major section of your website ( Header, Side Menu, Footer, Content area and Background ).
Most importantly, sub-templates does not intersect with each other and are strictly separated with dedicated class names and IDs.

Master templates: each Master template is designed uniquely and is centralized in our system. We update and maintain each Master template in the background and constantly keeping it in sync with your website. Example: if a new website feature or module gets released, we will also update all our Master templates with appropriate styles, resulting in your website to instantly get new and beautifully designed features. No additional coding and designing required.

Live template: each Master template is also a Live template, as written above, separated into major sections of your website. You can easily choose a different parts of all our Master templates, combine them into a totally unique looking website.


Master template 1 Master template 2 Combined Master template

"Combined Master template" image on the right shows a combined Live template. Header section from Master template 1, body and footer from Master template 2. Since Live templates are both centralized from our Master template system, both will get fresh updates and maintenance, no matter the combination.