Growing a business is a lot like sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Imagine a 40 year old sailor, named Sebastian who had always dreamed about captaining his boat across the Atlantic Ocean. His resources were limited. He couldnt afford to buy the biggest boat, and neither can he staff a crew for his ship. So when our sailor set out for his brave voyage across the vast ocean with his small, one man boat, his chances of success were not the highest. However, what the sailor did not have in resources, he made up for in planning and experience.

Sebastian had a plan in place for everything. He knew what needed to be done, and how he was going to get them done. Whether the weather was rough, or there were sharks lurking, Sebastian had worked out a system which would enable a small boat with a single sailor to sail across the Atlantic. He went for practice runs in the harbor. He tried and tested all his plans in different conditions and perfected all his techniques. He eventually developed a system where he could accomplish all his goals.

After months of planning, reading and practicing, Sebastian was ready to make the journey. In the first couple of days, he had to deal with all sorts of problems. There were storms, rough waters, and sharks, but those things did not matter because Sebastian had a pre-planned system to deal with them. Eventually, his thorough planning and systematic approach was the reason why he was able to sail across the Atlantic all by himself. Everyone said it was impossible for a sailor with limited resources, and a 14 foot boat to sail across the Atlantic. Just like its not impossible for a startup business to grow to a million dollar company.

Small businesses, like Sebastian, start out with limited resources. They struggle to grow for the first couple of years before being caught up in a web of financial and managerial problems that stunt their business growth. Customers end up unhappy, employees get upset, and you the entrepreneur, start wondering about what needs to be done to solve the problem. In some cases, you may succeed in solving the immediate problem by stepping in yourself. However, stepping in to do every business task is not the job of the entrepreneur. You cannot assign small tasks to yourself because you are needed to grow the company.

Its a vicious cycle because every time you think you figured out a problem and solve it, another one crops up and you have to deal with it. No matter how hard you try, or what you do, it seems like you always to go bed at night thinking, Why arent we growing? Sebastian knew that he had his share of problems and that he had to work out systems if he wanted his journey to be successful. When your business is not growing as quickly as you expected, its not because of the problems it experiences; it is because of your lack of systems. If Sebastian had no system worked out, he would have either drowned or been eaten by sharks.

In the case of a business, lack of systems, mean that it cannot identify the tasks it needs to do, or the people it needs to do them. Without systems, you can hire people without having any clear idea about what you need them to do. They might need training, but you have no system in place for that. You need things done within deadlines, but there is no system in place for that. You need your employees to be responsible for their actions, but there is no system to which they are accountable. The business eventually drowns in its own problems, and when this happens, the business stops growing.

I know that this is the problem because I had to face it myself. One year ago, Shopping Cart Elite had 12 employees and was experiencing 30% growth, which for our industry was pretty slow. We had the potential for growth, but we were not getting there because our internal operations were inefficient, and the problems that were being created were eating us alive. As the person leading the organization, I had a lot of knowledge about running a business, but I could not implement it properly. It was only after reading a couple of eye opening books that I realized where my business was falling behind. The advice from these books is utilized by companies like Apple, Microsoft and other Fortune 500 Companies.

In this video, I talk about the books which give you step by step instructions on how to create systems like the ones used by multi-million dollar organizations. Furthermore, I talk about the systems we use in Shopping Cart Elite, how we create them and how they stimulate business growth. Another crucial topic I cover in the video is identifying the right type of person for the job. In my business, I saw that certain roles needed to be played by certain personalities, and I utilize a remarkable systems to test whether every new recruit is right for the job. This system is so efficient that I can figure out anyones personality after talking with them for about two minutes. This is extremely helpful for recruiting workers overseas and hiring the right person for the right position.

Of course, you can also use this system to stay clear of workers with certain personality types, and this alone saves 40% of the hassle in the recruitment process. Watch the video to learn more about the system I use to hire company staff. Now that you have, or are trying to build, the right system for your business and you know the kind of people you need for your business, how do you actually hire them? Like Sebastian, how do you implement those systems and ensure business growth? How do you recruit the right people to help you weather any storm, to survive any shark attack and grow to be a million dollar company?

I personally would love to see your company grow, and I have no problem sharing Shopping Cart Elites exclusive recruitment guide. Not only do we deliver the worlds most sophisticated eCommerce platform, we also want to help our clients grow on it. We have prepared another video revealing our recruitment process. Furthermore, we would also love to show you how to build your companys systems, and give step by step instructions on how to fine tune it until it's totally automated.

As the C.E.O of Shopping Cart Elite, I have developed these systems (some of which took 5 years to build) because I want to deliver the perfect eCommerce solution to our clients. I want the Shopping Cart Elite platform to help businesses cross any ocean. Small or medium, any business using Shopping Cart Elite has the potential to become a million dollar company.