If you have less than five products, then you have to sell them LIKE A BOSS. We ran an experimental program last year with only four clients. One made it till the end thus far, his name is Richard Steward from www.greenfrontierswater.com

Richard invested into a turnkey program called GRO Project, where we promised him the world and beyond. He even said that our program was too good to be true, but after researching our company, and seeing our A plus track record, he went with his gut feeling and signed up.

Well, we delivered him what we promised, but it wasnt easy.

Richard invested money, one year of his time, and 1300 hours of hard labor into the program while working a full time job. It was a long way coming, and with our help we have finally launched him.

Here is what we did for him, Target Market Research, Branding, Website, Design, Data Migration, Website Setup and Fine Tuning, Introduction Launch Video, Website Content, Pitchdeck (Ideas, Content and Design), Writing & Proof, Landing Page Email Campaign, Marketing Training, Operations Training and much more.

Richard is a Champion because he came through with what he promised, Commitment and Perseverance to launch this project no matter how long it would take or how much more it would cost from his initial investment. Richard did most of the content re-writing on the Pitchdeck once the ideas were implemented.

The target market is aimed towards Healthy Moms and Healthy Moms to be.

I highly recommend that you check his website, watch the video, and read the Pitchdeck. Hey you may even like his product, and get it for your family.

If you are interested in launching your brand on Shopping Cart Elite, we can do the same for you as we did for Richard. Website on the Worlds Most Sophisticated eCommerce Solution, Video production, Custom Landing Pages, Pitchdeck, Branding, Revamp the whole nine yards.

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