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Our Story about Shopping Cart Elite
Negative Reviews

Our Response to Best Company Reviews

Show me a person who never made a mistake, and I will show you a person who never did anything.

William Rosenberg

Even with 15+ years of experience and 700+ client migrations we still make mistakes. We learn from them, and we fix them so they wont happen again.

We are constantly innovating better technology, processes and improving integration. We are transparent about where we have failed and the steps we make to correct our wrongs.

Unfortunately, this comes with a price, and we cant make everyone happy.

Some of the online negative feedback originates from competitor trolls while others are from actual customers. We address every complaint we find and try our best to solve their issues, unfortunately, there are some who refuse to bend even after they have received a refund or benefitted from the work we did for them.

Below are the details behind each negative complaint so you can see for yourself how our intentions and their reactions play out.

Best Company makes it easy to leave negative feedback about our company, and they refuse to allow us to reply to it. They also refuse to post positive feedback left by our real customers. We are posting this page to respond to those reviews below:

Client Information

TRIAL DATE: 9/2014

SIGN UP DATE: 10/2014


Our Reply

Adam went live 8 months after signing up. Originally the project was suppose to finish within 60 days, however the data was very complex and the scope of work was poorly defined. Adam originally approved samples prior to starting the project, but then revised the scope four times before he was satisfied with it.

Adam had three other websites, and this new one was a side project. His main business was on the Volusion platform and it would take all of his time. Since the peak season for Adam is Feb - April he decided to launch the website after May. Adam had three employees on staff and they were always overwhelmed with their core business to dedicate any attention to the new website.

Conversation Proof Below:

Skype Chat 1: Adam approves Design

Skype Chat 2: Website is Ready to go Live

Skype Chat 3: Adam wants free marketing

Skype Chat 4: 3 Days to get a response from Adam

Skype Chat 5: Last communication from Adam before he stopped reply

Our Side of the Story

We make it very clear in our agreement that you must use Skype to setup your project. Adam refused to use Skype communication to interact with us. We had to have a person email him and paste his response back in Skype 80% of the time.

Adam expected a brand new website to go live and somehow start generating revenue. (Screent shot above). The agreement we had with him was to redirect his adwords budget from his other website to the new website, and also submit his product to Google Shopping. Adam did not do neither, nor did he respond to us when we offered him help. (Screenshots above). He wanted the website to rank by itself and generate revenue organically.

Adam approved both the look and feel of the desktop version and the mobile version. Why would he approve it and now claim that he didn't like. (Screenshots above).

Adam complained that he has no time to learn the backoffice and wants us to run the business for him for free.

Our Resolution

We now define our responbilities very clearly on the statement of work very great detail. Igor Soshkin (CEO) reviews all statement of work before releasing them for signature.

We introduced a support plan where clients that go live can hire us at overseas rates to help them expand and operate their business if they are understaffed.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to innovation, and we plan to be around 20 years from now, crushing all of our competitors because of our rich automation and marketing ecommerce tools. We have an extremely high retention rate for existing clients who have a successful business. We have a high retention because we actively engage our clients and learn about what they want to see improved in Shopping Cart Elite to make it better for them. WE DELIVER ON THEIR REQUESTS, not just collect feedback and shelve it like our competitors.

A successful company is one that can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at it, and as with every new business that keeps innovating, you will have unhappy clients along the way, unfortunately it is part of the process.

Out of all of our competitors today, we are the only ones that can deliver the fastest results at an affordable price for businesses looking to scale. We are the only ones that can deliver all the tools you need to become a multi-million dollar operation without worrying about integrations or add-ons.

Public reviews, both positive and negative posted over three months ago are irrelevant because we improve every quarter. Dont judge Shopping Cart Elite by its cover, and dont look at our past because it is not our present, and most definitely it is not our future.

Our software speaks for itself, all you need to do is experience it during our trial. We welcome you to try out our software and see it for yourself. We welcome you to speak to our existing clients who are successfully using our system today. We want you to judge for yourself instead of reading positive or negative reviews about us.

With that said, I want to Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion about Shopping Cart Elite, as well as our progress over the years.

- Igor Soshkin CEO