It is estimated that online shoppers abandon their ecommerce shopping carts during checkout at a range between 25 percent (Andersen Consulting) on the low end and 78 percent on the high end. The following are among the most cited reasons for cart abandonment.

  • Lack of product and contact information

  • Prices on site too high

  • Shipping/handling costs too high

  • Site requires setting up an account to purchase

  • Site unclear about delivery times or how items are shipped

  • Shopper changed their mind

  • Shopper comparison shopping

  • Shopper saving items for later purchase

Some of the issues above are simply part of the shopping process. However, areas that you have direct control over should be reviewed. Sometimes the smallest bit of additional information can reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate. The more information you provide to make your online shoppers feel secure and trusting in purchasing from you, the more likely theyll complete the checkout process.

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