Custom features and integrations

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Custom Projects

Unique ecommerce challenges

Clients present us a full list of custom requests but most the requests are already available in Shopping Cart Elite and we can quickly deploy them for our clients.

Easy Features Deployment

Flexible framework core

We can deploy a total custom feature in days, deploy it to every customer and have it as a toggle switch in the settings. As a result you can have one-click toggles customized for any operation.

Centralized Catalog Database

We will become your catalog

We allow you to create totally custom fields that do not exist in our database, shadow products, combos, kitting, and more. We can address any complex catalog database scenario that you can imagine.

Built for developers, by developers

You get the same API we use

Whether you're a multi-national systems integrator, an interactive shop or an independent developer, we make it easy to work with Shopping Cart Elite. Our APIs are literally wide open for any kind of customization you can imagine. We have already opened all possibles APIs that you will ever need for ecommerce.

For example all of the following APIs are already in production and stable, order processing, repricing of products, tracking updates, inventory sync, single sign on, shopping list management, quote creation, lead management, product synchronization, wholsale levels, marketplace sync, CRM of contacts and customers, and more.

We have never said no to an API that our customers requested because we already use these APIs to power our desktop app. Unlike Mozu, Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion we have a cloud based desktop app for Shopping Cart Elite that uses APIs to communicate with our main database. As a result we do not need to develop any APIs that you may require because they are already available out of the box.

If you request an API from us that we do not have available today, we can usually release it to you in as little as one week. Compare that to months, years or NEVER with our competitors. You have complete access to the operations and entities you need. This API-first development model gives you control over every aspect of the Shopping Cart Elite platform from themes and applications to custom integrations and admin functionality.

Here's our API

- Rest API access for every entity in the system
- Application events for every entity change
- Extensible schema for primary system entities
- Extension points to replace system functions with custom implementations

To generate your token and access key, go to Setting > Backoffice Setting > API and generate your StoreID,Access Key and Token to use with your calls.

Custom development

Our team has worked with very complex product and service offerings that don't fit the traditional catalog model.

We consider ourselves a boutique ecommerce platform when it comes to custom projects.

We have over 15 years of ecommerce experience and we understand what it takes to build a Fortune 500 ecommerce company. We've built Shopping Cart Elite from the ground up with a very flexible core that can easily be modified to fit your custom project requirements. Unlike many of our ecommerce competitors, WE ACTUALLY DELIVER without any complexity. All custom projects are reviewed by the CTO and signed off by the CEO. We have an Agile Core, we have an Agile Development Schedule, NO is not in our vocabulary, and in most cases we can meet your requirements in 30 days or less. Learn more about our process.