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Boost productivity through the roof and improve communication with your team. SCEs Project and Task Management tools help you streamline internal communication by allowing you to assign tasks to your team, which they can see and respond to, and share files. You and your team can even leave notes or send out emails right inside each task.


You might have separate departments, employees, and tasks and a good way to manage them all is by assigning them to projects. Dont fuss with synchronizing multiple project management applications. Make your life easier by organizing and managing projects in one easy-to-understand workspace. Then preview all projects with a handy Timeline view.


Manage any and all tasks for your business right inside Shopping Cart Elite. Need to remind yourself to call a supplier, contact a customer, process a refund, or do a core charge? All you have to do is add it to your tasks so you can keep track of it without any effort. Or assign the task to a team member to take care of.


Easily track time and funds for your projects. Just set your budget and youre ready to track how your resources are spent using easy-to-generate invoices, payment reports, and payment summaries.


Quick and painless are two words rarely associated with billing, but with our integrated invoicing features youll be surprised at how easy it really is. Customize and brand your invoices and use filters like job status, client, project, personnel, date, group, and more to organize them.


A built-in calendar makes managing your tickets child's play. The calendar is integrated right into the support desk so you can make sure all tickets are assigned to the right team members. Included is a timeline giving you a bird's eye view of your whole team. Schedule your employees quickly, check to see if they've logged in, what tasks they're currently on and more.


And you can even use the support desk for incoming and outgoing emails so you can respond immediately without having to switch to another email client. Or let your team take care of the emails by assigning them as a task.


Never waste time searching for documents again. SCE File Management allows you upload and create project documentation so that everyone has everything they need in once place. Share documents with clients or mark them as private for only you and your team.


Easily collaborate with your team even on complex documents, blog posts, project notes, and more with Collaborative Writing. Then use the sharing options for quick publication.