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Easy Data Feed is for online retailers who are dissatisfied with their drop ship suppliers digital data for inventory, pricing and even universal product information. Easy Data Feed is a data extraction software that is designed to quickly and easily download inventory, pricing and product information into a usable spreadsheet from your drop ship suppliers online portal without relying on the drop shipper. Unlike Data Extractors such as Mozenda, or overseas programmers, we have created a free desktop application that you can run on demand with one click of a button from your own computer, on a schedule, and insert the pricing as well as inventory right into your ecommerce website using Dropbox or FTP. If you can copy and paste the data by hand, then Easy Data Feed can extract it for you automatically.


Easy Data Feed is integrated to the Shopping Cart Elite product management app. This means we can extract product data from any supplier website, password protected website, competitor website or API, and plug that data into your Shopping Cart Elite website automatically.


Easy Data Feed is integrated to the repricer in Shopping Cart Elite. This means we can spy on your competitor websites, eBay, Amazon sellers, or hundreds of websites at the same time. Then the pricing will be collected, analyzed and based on your price control rules your products will be repriced accordingly.


Easy Data Feed is integrated to the Shopping Cart Elite inventory app. This means we can extract inventory data from any website, password protected website, API, email or FTP and plug it right into your Shopping Cart Elite store. In addition, the inventory data can then sync to all the marketplaces channels and POS systems.


Easy Data Feed is integrated to the Shopping Cart Elite order management app. This means we can extract tracking information from emails, ftp, csv, password protected website and automatically plug that tracking data into your Shopping Cart Elite backoffice. In addition, this tracking information will be emailed to your customers automatically and synced to all marketplace channels.


Tired of customers calling you for a tracking number 15 minutes after placing an order? Auto Status will show your customers exactly where the order is in the system, and when they can expect to receive it without calling you. In addition, the customers can exchange or return the items from the website without ever speaking to you.


Want to integrate another app into Shopping Cart Elite? No problem we have an open API and you can tap it on demand.