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Our website services will increase your sales and enhance your business

Revenue Social Apps

Levarage social media to increase sales

Our analytics apps (Social Analytics + ROI Tracking) help you understand which social channels convert so you can focus efforts in the right places.

Increase Registrations and Sales

Easy checkout

Over 25% of consumers abandon their orders when they are forced to register for an account. Our Social Login reduces registration to a couple of clicks.

Robust and Actionable Analyltics

Get actionable emails regularly

We deliver actionable emails to your inbox that contain a summary of your most important social analytics along with suggestions on how to improve.

Social Media Pro Services

It seems simple to do social media, just find the content, post it and youre done. But who is going to do all this work? If a CEO has to do it, this is a business suicide decision, why? Because Social Media management is a full time job, and if you plan to do it yourself you might as well start offering social media management services because you won't have time to do anything else and that means your business will soon be out of business.

Feature Products Dynamically

Our Discovery Wall shows your most social products as they trend on the social web, with no need to manually update products as they become popular.

Integrated Social Data

The Discovery Wall integrates real-time social data (Likes, Tweets, Pins, Wants, etc) for your products along with standard product data (name, image, price, etc).

Social Order Confirmation

More social integrations help make shopping more fun for your customers. By making the checkout process more social, customers will enjoy telling their friends about their purchase.

Introducing social apps

We've put together the best website features to help your business standout against your competitors. From beautiful mobile responsive layouts to blazing fast loading speeds, we have you covered.