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Website Migration is no laughing matter. One wrong step and you could lose all your traffic, rank, and wipe out your business. Watch the video below to see how a careless E-commerce CEO accidentally bankrupted himself and what you can do to keep it from happening to you too.

Competitor's Bait and Switch

Site migrations seem straightforward but they're actually quite complex. There are thousands of things that can go wrong and a successful migration requires a delicate and meticulous approach. A safe website migration takes on average 300 working hours to complete. Unfortunately, companies offering full turnkey setups for as low as $500 - $1,000 are not comprehensive and never go beyond the bare minimum. Don't be fooled by cheap deals or you'll lose all your traffic, rank, and sales!


Many business owners are uncomfortable with website migrations due to concerns about potential traffic and revenue loss. Those that do not ask these questions often experience major losses or even bankruptcy once they do a switch. Some people may think that website setups and migrations are quick and easy but there are many factors they aren't considering. For example, loading data without making it content rich will result in no organic traffic, missing specifications will bounce visitors, poor images will get your account denied by Amazon, incorrect weights will halt shipping, and not having structure will end your chances of getting on Google Shopping, etc. Thinking about a cheap template? As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. So be prepared for a broken, feature-less, non-mobile friendly website with no sales.

For a new website to perform you must optimize it for conversions, develop a design that fits your brand, has been sales funnel tested, has dynamic search filters, etc. Setting up an ecommerce website that will actually perform is a lot of work and anyone that says otherwise will never get past $100,000 in annual sales, no matter how hard they try. If a company claims to get your full website set up in one day and for just $1,000 make sure you do the math and ask what it is exactly they are not going to do.


Shopping Cart Elite has executed complete A-Z migrations for three years. We have systemized, optimized and automated everything to get your business online faster, cheaper, and better. We streamlined our migration process to be completed in just 60 days with rates between $95/hr for a majority of the work. A complete end-to-end setup and mi7022gration can take 150 - 300 hours.