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Shopping Cart Elite maintains a Cloud Template to create an industry standard website for all of our clients. As a result, you will have the best of both worlds. You will have a fully custom looking website that you've always dreamed about without ever worrying about upgrading it or having broken code after upgrades because you will always have the latest features upgraded for you every month automatically. We are constantly enhancing the platform to deliver flexibility, convenience, marketing features, and a user-friendly experience.

See an Overview of Themes

Introducing Our New Cloud Templates

Unlike other Web Design templates out there, we created a dedicated system to take the "traditional way" of templates creation to the whole new level. The traditional way of templates creation is very strict and does not live alongside the ever-changing web trends. Imagine this; wouldnt it be great if your website design would be so smart and organic to keep itself up-to-date? Well, we actually achieved exactly that with our new way of template distribution, called Cloud Templates.

Cloud Templates in other words could also be called "Live Templates". Unlike other templates, our Cloud Template is very well organized and grouped into different portions/sections of your website.Example: within a Cloud Template, there are five different sub-templates for each major section of your website (Header, Side Menu, Footer, Content area and Background).

Cloud Templates: each Cloud Template is designed uniquely and is centralized in our system. We update and maintain each Cloud Template in the background and constantly keeping it in sync with your website. Example: if a new website feature or module gets released, we will also update all our Cloud Templates with appropriate styles, resulting in your website to instantly get new and beautifully designed features. No additional coding and designing required.

Live template: each Cloud Template is also a Live template, as written above, separated into major sections of your website. You can easily choose a different parts of all our Cloud Templates, combine them into a totally unique looking website.

Beautiful Premium Templates

Shopping Cart Elite hosts a collection of many premium templates. We take template creation process very seriously, optimizing each for a great "all-browsers" experience, as well as maintaining and updating them on a regular basis.

We design our templates with brands and industries in mind, optimzing the look & feel for every induvidual industry. This will make it a lot easier for you to select your new template, matching both the industry standards and your own personal taste.

More Than Just a Template

Our templates carry much more than just a piece of CSS and image files. It carries all your "front-end" related settings, HTML, CSS, images, plugins and promotional information. Once you have your intial template setup, you will be able to simply clone it and change things like Home Page featured products, content and graphics, easily preparing your website for the upcoming seasonal sales for example. It's simply amazing.

Ever-evolving Library

Our premium templates library keeps on growing every week, with major updates and addons each month.

Meet Blocks, Our Content Drag&Drop Editor

Want a simple way to add that new text block to your content? With Blocks, you can add, move, clone and edit a variety of available HTML components; like Headings, Paragraphs, Media Objects and Layouts.

Each component comes with both basic and advanced settings menu, so you will never have to dig into code again. However, we didn't forget about all the advanced users out there and included a set of Custom Code components as well.

Reuse Your Blocks Templates

We didn't stop at just dragging and dropping, instead we took our editor to a higher level and implemented a way to save your content as a Block Template. So when you'll be creating a fresh new page, you have the ability to recall your previously saved templates.

Custom Design

We control the whole creation process for your new website. Our expert employees are available 24/7 to provide you support or even build a complete website for you.

Custom Menus

You have the control to create a beautiful Mega Menus. You can also make it as custom as you want by adding custom CSS styles, HTML and call-to-action to the Mega Menus.

Universal Carousels

You can create interactive carousels with custom text, images, embedded videos or a completely custom HTML elements. Carousels can be added anywhere on your website or limited just to your Home Page.

Mobile Ready

All websites are responsive to tablet and mobile out of the box, and if you seriously want to enhance the look and feel of your brand, we can create a custom beautiful theme for mobile templates.

VIP Treatment

You will be connected with all our managers to get your website launched in 30 days or less. In addition, our creative art director will oversee your project and approve the final design before it is presented to you.

No Limits

With our Cloud Templating, you are not limited to just one single active template, instead you can combine multiple templates into one new template.

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