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B2B ecommerce shopping cart

Our website services will increase your sales and enhance your business

Experts as a Service

We understand the wholesaling industry

Our team can take over various mental processes like doing research, data entry and managing your catalog.

Multi Level Discounts

Diversity discount settings

You can set discounts based on the order quantity and the wholesale level.

Data and Inventory Feeds

Usefull management inventory

Offer Data and Inventory Feeds to your Dealers.

Allow Customer Repurchase

Store Your Customer's Credit Card for Repurchase on Your Secure Servers.

Manage Favourite Products

Allow your customers/ dealers to set their favorite products.

Easy Repurchase from Dashboard

Allow easy repurchasing of favorite products right from the dashboard

Account Based Price Visibility

Hide your prices from the public and show them only to eligible accounts. You have complete control over who sees what product on your site.

Start Selling

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The simplicity of it. The daily reporting is something that we didn't have in our previous system. And the transparency is great. SCE is so vast that there are lots of places to grow using SCE...”

Michelle Burke - Operations Officer

Retail and Wholesale Website

Experience the convenience of running both a retail and wholesale version of your website using only one backend.89bd

Product Search Configurator

We offer robust product configurations support for products that are too complex for our competitors to handle.

Custom Theme per Dealer

Activate new look or features for each dealer account that you set up.


White Label Website for Dealers

Make it easy for your dealers to sell your products by having them use your own website with their logo. You can even have them buy this website from you as a turn-key solution.

Wholesales Levels

Add an unlimited amount of dealer wholesale levels into Shopping Cart Elite and easily assign those wholesale levels to your customers in bulk. You can also use the discount levels to reprice your products for marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping. Discounts can be customized based on percent off or flat rate amounts.

Easy Levels Sync

You can assign discount levels to your customers and when it is time to add, update or delete products from the discount levels, you can do the modifications in one central place, and Shopping Cart Elite will automatically update all the customer accounts accordingly. You can also override discounts on specific items for certain customers.

Auto Approve Dealers

After a customer registers on your website, you can auto approve them into a wholesale level. To restrict which customer can be auto approved for a specific discount level, you can set up a custom url tag for each discount level, and only when the dealer accesses your website with that URL will they be able to get auto approved.

Net Terms

Offer net terms (buy now, pay later) to your customers and manage all billing and collections through our backend system.

VIP Processing

Set VIP customers and whenever they place an order it will be highlighted in order assignment and batch shipping with a guaranteed shipping date that you must meet.

Affiliate Marketing

Run a world class affiliate marketing program right inside Shopping Cart Elite by letting your tracking affiliate referrals, and email reports to your affiliates letting them know how their traffic is performing daily.

Commision Tracking

Easily track all sales made by your sales representatives and pay them commissions.

Introducing B2B

We've put together the best website features to help your business standout against your competitors. From beautiful mobile responsive layouts to blazing fast loading speeds, we have you covered.