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Big Enough to Serve Your Business, Small Enough to Know Your Business

Did you know?

It is possible to teach your employees to run their departments successfully without your help. The secret to this is a business language called processes. By learning and understanding this language you can become a several hundred employee company in less than two years.

We've created five videos that introduces you to the language. These videos will help your team identify fires and allow every employee at every level to see the transparency in your organization as well as the chain of responsibility. Any complex process can be simplified in minutes, and employees in any position can quickly fix the fires instead of ignoring them.

This set of videos will act as the translator between all of your staff so everyone can work towards the same goal of improving your sales, marketing, and operations processes.

Shopping Cart Elite is a Partner as a Service

Did you know?

Many businesses migrate to different ecommerce platforms several times, mainly because their software integrations do not work. Most of them are understaffed and won't meet their year-end goals, and all of them are unhappy about something in their ecommerce business.

Our team of experts will carefully study your needs, and make a plan that will solve your labor-intensive, sleep-depriving daily grind in 30 days and watch your sales skyrocket.