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Sophisticated search

Our website services will increase your sales and enhance your business

Predictive Search

Our search is the Rolls Royce of hosted searches

Predictive Search uses a relevancy algorithm to auto-complete as visitors type their searches helping them find exactly what they're looking for faster.

Smart Search

1920 developer hours to perfect our website search

Our search uses an algorithm based on a ranking system that takes the searched keywords and matches them up to every keyword that is found in your product, which then builds the relevancy of the search.

Search Filters

Create unlimited amount of custom filters

Search filters can also be reused for better search relevancy in other marketplaces like Amazon and Google Shopping, this means you can create the search filters once and they will be used on all other marketplaces.

Related and Unique

Our Related Products compares product prices and unique images to eliminate duplicate products in search results. This way your visitors will only find relevant and unique products while they search. Configure the settings that work best for your business and you can even base relevancy off of past purchase history, sales, price, inventory, etc.

Custom Mapping

Create your own lookup database that can be used to map products. Selling ink cartridges that need to be mapped printers? Offer visitors an easy way to search by printers that will also reveal ink cartridges for the printer.


The simplicity of it. The daily reporting is something that we didn't have in our previous system. And the transparency is great. SCE is so vast that there are lots of places to grow using SCE...”

Michelle Burke - Operations Officer

Custom Searching

You may be offering a promotion on Amazon and want to show Amazon visitors different results than those from eBay. Add custom search tags to products to create your own custom relationships between keywords and products.

Singular VS Plural

With 450 million words in the English dictionary of which there exists singular, plural, irregular nouns (child/children), latin plural (fungus/fungi) and more its imperative to have an advanced search engine to handle it all.

Side Menu

Visitor usability is of the utmost importance to an ecommerce search, and we feel that this feature must be extremely flexible and suitable to your business.

Introducing sophisticated search

We've put together the best website features to help your business standout against your competitors. From beautiful mobile responsive layouts to blazing fast loading speeds, we have you covered.