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Google Shopping

Description: From an ecommerce business view point Google Shopping is a way to advertise your products to a tremendous audience of potential buyers. Every time someone does a product search on Google there is a display of different products that they can view and potentially purchase. This tutorial will help you place your products in this marketplace.

To get started you must complete the following tasks:

To configure google merchant center in Shopping Cart Elite you need to follow specific steps to ensure your feed will get listed on Google search results and google shopping

Things We Cover:

  • Google Shopping

Category Mapping

You will need to setup your Google Shopping Categories. Go to Marketplace > Category Mapping

Create or edit your categories and in marketplace tab map the google shopping category


Products setup

Setup and configure your products for submission
When you edit a product you have the capability of mapping Marketplace Fields. For Google Shopping you can submit custom labels and edit many other fields. Majority of the data shopping cart elite automatically feeds in for you like brand title description inventory and pricing.
NOTE: You can also batch update the Google Shopping Fields Via Batch Update for bulk updates

Some data is prefilled like SKU, Title, Description but for Google Shopping you have the capability to pass custom labels for your product submission and other fields to complete your data set submission


Create listing

Go to SEO > Google Shopping. Then create a new Google Shopping feed using "New Feed" dropdown

Fill in all fields and press "Save" button.
Note: FTP Credentials are setup and obtained in google Merchant Center. Make Sure you use the same FTP File Name as you used in the FTP Configuration in Google Merchant Center, otherwise the feed will not work.

You can add or remove a product from the feed or open product directly into product editing module

Once the Feed is setup you can submit the feed
Note: Once the feed has been submitted the system will automatically sync and update new products, prices and inventory, all status updates can be viewed under the Activity Tab