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Get the same fast, trusted Amazon shipping and fulfillment for your orders made from other sales channels. Give your customers the Amazon fast-shipping experience they love and help build customer loyalty and sales. Store your products at the Amazon facility, but anything purchased from Amazon, your ecommerce store site or any other fulfillment platform can be shipped from Amazon. Multi-channel fulfillment increases an online store's efficiency and frees up business owners to focus more energy on general business operations.


Order assignment app is a central location that receives all of your orders from the website, eBay, Amazon and all other marketplace channels. Order assignment shows you orders that are fraudulent, under charged, credit card AVS mismatches and on hold. Using order assignment you can quickly verify orders, check inventory, reassign suppliers and warehouses, email customers, and process the orders for shipping.


Supplier app will allow you to manage your supplier information, addresses, rules, warehouses, boxes, and other restrictions. You can also customize a CSV file for new orders that will be emailed to your supplier on demand.


Easily manage your inventory by importing an excel sheet or automatically syncing it from an online source such as dropbox or FTP. You can setup rules for your out of stock products by hiding them or showing a quote request form when they are not available. You can also restrict over selling items during rush sales by not allowing to buy more than your available quantity.


Easily manage your backorders through one screen. From one single screen, you can automatically add or remove items to and from backorders, notify customers about it, email customers questions, and set auto responders to remind them about the fact that you didnt forget about their backorders.