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We can talk about features all day long, but take a close look at our clients websites. They look stunning, they function better than the Fortune 500 ecommerce websites. They look and function like magic because we made the software and hardware work together. You will no longer have to go to ecommerce tradeshows and droll over features that you don't have. You will have features on your website before the main stream even hears about them.

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Shopping Cart Elite website search is the Rolls Royce of hosted searches. It can predict what the customer is looking as he types the keywords in the search bar by using our smart search algorithm.


It took 1,920 developer hours to perfect our website search, and it absolutely rocks. The search uses an algorithm based on a ranking system that takes the searched keywords and matches them up to every keyword that is found in your product, which then builds the relevancy of the search. For techies out there, you will find over 150 relevancy factors that can be fine-tuned from the backend of the software.


Create an unlimited amount of custom filters to allow your customers to filter specific products from the search results. The search filters can also be reused for better search relevancy in other marketplaces like Amazon and Google Shopping, this means you can create the search filters once and they will be used on all other marketplaces.


Does page speed really matter? If user experience, Adwords Quality Score, organic rankings, and the fact that 40% of users will not wait more than 3 seconds for a landing page to lead is important to you, then YES page speed does matter! Shopping Cart Elite users like can rest easy knowing that their websites get a perfect 100/100 with Google's PageSpeed Insights in both desktop and mobile.


Offer your customers convenience value while generating recurring revenue for your business with subscriptions. With a complete back-end subscription management system merchants can create automatically recurring orders by specifying time intervals, duration, and subscribe and save discounts. Orders are auto-generated and auto-shipped without you having to lift a finger. Nutritional supplements, pet medications, hair and skin care products, specialty food items, raw materials, office supplies, wine, automotive parts, child care items, and household maintenance products are just some of the industries where subscription products shine.

- Define Unique Subscription Intervals for Each Product
- Offer Customers Multiple Recurring Interval Options (15 day, 30 day, etc.)
- Orders Automatically Generate
- Subscribe and Save
- Optionally Lock Product Prices and Shipping Rates on Recurring Orders
- Automatically Re-Attempt Credit Card Failures at Defined Intervals
- Capture Subscription Orders on Mobile Devices
- Allow Customers to Manage Credit Cards and Shipping Addresses Online
- Automatically Notify Customers when Orders Fail due to Expired or Declined Credit Cards
- Easily Email or Run a Report on All Customers that Have Subscribed to a Product
- Optionally Allow Customers to Temporarily Skip or Permanently Suspend Future Orders

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If you ever used a competitor inventory system, you know that it never works right, and you always over sell the products during a rush sale. Not anymore! We offer a true live inventory system which reserves items immediately after they enter the checkout, and it will hold the items on reserve until the customer checks out and the item is shipped or abandons the process. The inventory levels will also be kept in sync with marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, so if an item sells on eBay it will go on reserve with Amazon and your website.


Tired of getting window shoppers, tire spinners and customer service questions on live chat? The intelligent chat will predict what your customer is looking for before they even initiate a chat, and it will only direct sales related questions to your live chat, while all other questions will go directly to your email for a later response. In addition, intelligent live chat will also work with your existing Skype account so you can reply to your messages using a mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Social reviews will automatically email the customer that made a purchase and ask them to leave a review about the product. The review questionnaire is embedded into an email so they can write their review without ever leaving the email. All reviews can be posted on your company Facebook and Twitter webpage automatically, and each review will have a verified buyer batch next to it. In addition, we create SEO friendly webpages for all reviews and link them to the product webpages. Finally we use the reviews metadata to populate the rich snippet tags on your products so Google can better rank those product webpages. All of this is done for you automatically.

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Do you sell a product that contains multiple components, and if one of them is not in stock the whole product should be out of stock? Or do you sell Combo products that have individual products that make up a kit? Shopping Cart Elite supports Combos, Kitting, Bundling and Custom Built products out of the box.


Do you want to upsell products along with your primary products? Shopping Cart Elite allows you to cross match categories, products, and related items in bulk easily from the backend.

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No longer do you need to depend on a developer to customize the settings of your website. We made a user friendly wizard that anyone can use, and we mean anyone! You can even outsource tasks overseas to turn features on and off and tweak settings to your liking.

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Automatically apply and display discounts on Search Results, Product Pages and Checkout. Reprice products by referrer, and activate a banner to help reinforce the call-to-action. You can also offer Buy X, Get X Free, set limitations, and offer geo-locations discounts for pickup


Easily sell custom products allowing your visitors to input a length and width into a dropdown and have it calculate a price based on a square dimension (Square Inch, Feet, Meter, etc.). Easily set price to the nearest thousandth decimal (#.####). Use it for any industry including custom sized canvas for a gallery wrap frames, custom blinds or shutters for windows, custom rolls of adhesive or vinyl, custom rugs for living rooms, etc. It will also support multi pricing tiers as the amount of square dimensions increases.


You do not have to create a dozen different sizes for the same images to support all the different thumbnails on your website. Simply load your products once through our batch update app, and it will automatically create over a dozen images for you for every part of the website. It will resize the image for mega menu, search results (all grid views), homepage, product page, quick view, categories, eBay, and Amazon.

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Use a desktop app with your digital camera, iOS or Android app to take 360 degree rotatable images. Once the images are uploaded, they automatically get a clean background, they get converted into a 360 degree rotatable image and finally uploaded to your product webpages. As a result, you have stunning, 360 degree images on your product webpages that can also be viewed on an iPad, iPhone and any mobile device.


Our gift registry can maintain a complete list of desired gift items as well as how many has been purchased from the gift registry and by who. You can forward a gift registry list to friends and family and include ship-to addresses for shipping gifts before or after the event. You can set priorities to youre your friends and family what is important to you, and allow them to easily locate your registry by name or event date.


We enable online shoppers to engage with past verified buyers to get real-time answers to specific questions. Social Q&A extends ongoing customer contact and strengthens trust and communication between past buyers and new prospects. First questions are emailed automatically to your previous customers, if there is no reply it will email to the store owner within 24 hours. Social Q&A converts shopper questions into new sales


These arent your typical popups. With Smart Popups you can engage your visitors with messages based on where they came from, whether they are first time or repeat visitors, the page they are on, time spent on page, when they finished reading, or during exit intent. Put them into a selling campaign when they visit the pricing page, add a product tag when they read about it, or score them if they spend more time. Ask your customers questions, get feedback, then analyze answers received and trigger actions based on them. Engage your visitors and convert more with Smart Popups.


Online shoppers hate waiting for prices and quotes but sometimes you need to hide prices from your website. You might need more information from the visitor to calculate their unique price or maybe to guard against price spying. With Auto Quote visitors can enter their info and their special price quotes will be automatically generated and emailed to them along with a checkout link and auto login.