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Our website services will increase your sales and enhance your business.

Smart Search

We took the search engine to a whole new level

Our smart search algorithm is based on a ranking system that takes the searched keywords and matches them to every keyword found on your products.

Predictive Search

Fast and easy way for visitors to browse your website

Predictive search engine algorithm offers convenience and peace of mind by using your customer keywords to display all related products.

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Search Filters

Instant results with our advanced filters

Create an unlimited amount of custom filters to allow your customers to filter out a product in the search result, which they are not interested into.

Our product support ensures
best practices for your business

Product Bundles

Do you sell a product that contains multiple components, and if one of them is not in stock the whole product should be out of stock? Or do you sell Combo products that have individual products that make up a kit? Shopping Cart Elite supports Combos, Kitting, Bundling and Custom Built products out of the box.

Smart Discounts

Take advantage of our smart discount opportunity fully customizable which offers your customers custom discount options. Automatically apply and display discounts on search results, product pages, and checkout. Create unlimited discount option, whether by category, brand, customer referral or Buy one, Get one for Free Option. Be in control of the discount, set limits and offer Geo-locations discounts for pickup.

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True Live Inventory

Tired of overselling your products on website and marketplaces? We offer a true live inventory system which reserves items immediately after they enter the checkout, and it will hold the items on reserve until the customer checks out and shipped or abandons the process. Synchronize your inventory with all your marketplaces selling and your website and never again get banned on Amazon and eBay.

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Feature-rich, incredibly fast delivery

Despite a very feature-rich system, we deliver in under 2 seconds!

High Google PageSpeed score

We provide comprehensive
customer support

Intelligent Live Chat

Our chat system monitors your website visitors' mouse movement and initiates a chat with a sales related question according to their browsing history.

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Social Q&A

Social Q&A allows your prospect to get the first-hand review from your customers, which strengthens trust and communication between your past buyers and new prospects.

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Customer Reviews

Our platform allows your audience to authenticate reviews with a detailed customer profile statistic, plus boosting ecommerce with social media shares.

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Social Media Reviews

Automatically email customers and ask them to leave a review about the product. The customer can write reviews inside the email and automatically post.

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The simplicity of it. The daily reporting is something that we didn't have in our previous system. And the transparency is great. SCE is so vast that there are lots of places to grow using SCE...”

Michelle Burke - Operations Officer

Interactivity features allow for an optimal user experience

User Friendly Interface

Automatically apply and display discounts on search results, product pages, and checkout. Create unlimited discount options.

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360 Degree Images

Offer 360-degree rotatable images using a desktop app and a digital camera or phone to take pictures. Once images uploaded the system converts them into 360 images and are shown in every device.

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Smart Popup

Use smart popup to engage your visitors with messages based on where they came from, whether first time or repeat visitors, and more.

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Gift Registry

Our gift registry can maintain a complete list of desired gift items as well as how much has been purchased from the gift registry and by who. You can forward a gift registry list to friends and family and include ship-to addresses for shipping gifts before or after the event. You can set priorities for your friends and family what is important to you, and allow them to locate your registry by name or event date quickly.

B2B/B2C Checkout Experience

Your wholesale and retail customer will have different checkout experience. Wholesale customer may be offered NET terms, Wire, Cash, COD before they go through the checkout, while the retail customers will only need to provide their shipping address to see their grand total, and only provide the billing information on the very last step.

Auto Thumbnails

Simply load your products once through the batch update app, and it will automatically create over a dozen images from every part of the website.

Email Quotes to Customers

Your customer's online shopping cart is synced with the shopping cart in the admin backoffice. You can see what they've added to the cart, apply discounts and shipping overrides, then send them a quote via email. Once your customer opens the email and click on the link to see the quote, they will be auto logged into their account and offered a one click checkout experience.

Features highlights

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We've put together the best website features to help your business standout against your competitors. From beautiful mobile responsive layouts to blazing fast loading speeds, we have you covered.