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Shopping Cart TechnologyShopping Cart Elite
Do Your Own Data
Use our Data (100s of Brands)
Guided Search Results
Automatic Software Updates
Sell on Google Shopping
Predictive Analytics
CRM System
Quickbooks Integration
Attribute Filtering
Single Sign-on
Rotating Homepage Slider
Multi Store
Fully Custom Design
Amazon Checkout
Custom Shipping Rules
Email Marketing
EDF Workflow Automation
Mobile Optimized Website
SEO Automation
100% SEO Google Guidelines
Support Desk
Quote Manager
Shipping Manager Integrated
Warehouse Manager Integrated
Dropship Manager
Marketing Advisory
Staff Manager
Task Manager
Open API
Automatically Sell on Ebay
Automatically Sell on Amazon

Customer Spotlight

Theme Based Permissions

The perfect way to comply with your supplier's stringent online sale policies. Hide products from the public and show them only to eligible customers. You have complete control over who sees what product on your site.


Why do all the work yourself? Have others selling products on your website and just reap the profits. Maximize your earning potential while also having more time to focus on the more important parts of your business

Separate Content Website from Product Website

Separating your Content Website from your eCommerce Website has never been easier.

Holistic Datafeed Available

Health and Wellness / Supplement Products Ready to Go

Experts as a Service

Every business is unique and when we create specific processes for your business we make sure that the quality is met for the results of that process.

Call Center

Let our team of experts take care of your incoming inquries and support questions so you can focus on other parts of your business.

Sell Consulting by the Hour

We know how hard it is for medical professionals and consultants to keep track of their time. Our software makes selling consulting services easier for you and your clients

Centralized Support Desk

A place for everything and everything in it's place. The perfect way to store and monitor your customers information and inquiries.

Customized Registration Page

Businesses have different needs, that is why our registration pages are customizable with your questions. This allows you to easily receive the information you need from your customers.

Sell Products You Believe In

4th PhaseFive SignalsPurica
Activation ProductsGalactic TraderQ Sciences
ADR SystemsGeneration PlusQuintEssential
Airpura IndustriesGenki FoodsRaspex
Alive WaterHCP FormulasSalus per Aquam
AlkazoneHealth BreakThroughsSilicium Labs
Allegany NutritionHumaLifeSmart Minerals
Aura InfusionsHydrionSprout Living
Avesa WaterJevatee NaturalsSuperNutrient Corp
BelliconJumpSportSynergistics Ultra Life
BioActivesLebens QuelleTeva Care
Body Biotics IntlLife EnthusiastThai Deodorants
BreakThru BionomicsMarine TechnologyThe Nature Doctor
CellerciserMcCoy RanchTherasage
CellfoodMiracle IITransDerma Minerals
Clear SkincareNatural ActionTwilight America
Dr MillerNHR Premium HealthUltimate Superfoods
Drucker LabsOcean AlchemyUMAC-Core
Earth Friend Herb Co.ONU Body CareUniversal Balance
EssenceSeaORMUS OilsVision E3
Eva PiantoniPhi SciencesZEO Health
Exsula SuperfoodsProducts For Nature

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Ask the Right Questions, and You Shall Succeed

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Another reason small business ecommerce solutions fail to grow your sales is due to poor marketing tools. For example, if you are a small business, chances are you can submit all your products to eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, etc. and quadruple your sales overnight. But you will experience three problems that will quickly make your business fail:

How are you going to handle all these new sales? If you hire more people to process the orders manually, you will risk losing profits because it is not sustainable to keep hiring new staff to do manual labor.

How are you going to synchronize your inventory between all the shopping channels as well as your website? If you only have 5 of an item in stock, and you sell four items on eBay, five on Amazon, and two on your website, which five from your inventory are you going to ship? If you keep canceling orders eBay and Amazon you will close your account. If you keep canceling orders on Google Shopping you will lose the money you spent advertising those items. You will also lose on payroll to customer support having to deal with complaints, and ultimately you will fail to grow your customer base as you are guaranteed unhappy customers.

How much time and money are you going to spend on third party software app partners to address the two problems above? Sure you can sign up for a mid-size business technology such as channel advisor that integrates with your small business ecommerce solution, but the integrations wont be compatible, and you will be forced to continually do manual inventory synchronization. Not only will you pay thousands of dollars for this technology and payroll to support it, but it will not allow you to scale to a mid-size business.

When you use Shopping Cart Elite, EVERYTHING is built into ONE software, one platform, one complete solution. There is no integration development needed, you won't need to hire more staff or developers to fix your issues, you JUST USE IT!