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All Core scripts Optimized for Better Performance.

All core scripts optimized for a better performance.


All live stores should get a performance boost with this release, however for a maximum performance gain a manual store adjustment is needed.

Instructions to update:

Update is supported by the following themes: The Garage, Circuit, BeautyStore, BeautyStoreV2

The quickest way to get the update is by simply importing a new theme (one of the supported ones). These themes will apply the update automatically.

If a creation of a new theme is not an option, a manual update is also possible. Go to theme/template tab and select a "2-async" render comp. setting NOTE: after this change your plugins will stop a synchronous support of a jquery library!

To overcome the jquery issue you need to update your plugins which are jquery dependent. We still support jquery, but we're loading it in a async mode. We've made a new plugin type called Javascript Async All you need to do is select this plugin type where jquery is needed and the system will take care of the rest. What will happen is, your scripts will be wrapped into a promise waiting for jquery to load, once jquery loads your scripts will be executed.

Second option is to add a require method into your regular javascript plugin type by wrapping all your jquery scripts into: head.ready("jquery", function() { // your jquery reference... });

A third option is to change the plugin position to end or after body This option is less recommended because there might be a case where jquery failed to be executed early enough. However we've tested and never had a problem with this method. You can try for yourself and see if your scripts run normally.


Any jquery scripts added through the Blocks Editor in a custom HTML components or any other custom HTML component in the back office also need to be wrapped into "head.ready("jquery", function() {" (see second method above). This is only necessary if you decide to update your store manually.