Mark was an average guy with a steady 9-5 job. He had insurance and two vacation weeks every year. He had just bought a house in the suburbs, and was planning to buy his second car. Despite living a life of moderate luxury, Mark was deeply unsatisfied with his professional life. He was a born leader and an innovator, and a regular desk job just didnt cut it. Mark realized that it was time for him to move forward and start his own business.

Mark identified a need in the market for a particular product and had designed a business model around it. He used his life savings to start his business. His idea was brilliant, and there was no reason for it to be unsuccessful.

Three months after the launch, Mark was facing difficulties. His promising product was not delivering, despite and his business model was crumbling.

One year later, Mark was forced to file for bankruptcy. His business had died a miserable death. Mark was not alone, thousands of startups just like Marks die in their first year.

I meet online business owners every day who face the exact problems Mark did. They have identified the starting point and destination on their roadmap to success, but they cannot choose their road. You need to design and optimize how to run your business on a day to day basis, without having to work 100 hours every week.

The road you take needs to be a complete business solution. A solution that automates your business like Shopping Cart Elite.

Shopping Cart Elite is the most sophisticated eCommerce solution ever designed because it minimizes the amount of man power you have to invest in your business by automating business tasks. You can track and update your inventory, optimize ad campaigns and track the progress of your employees from a single platform.

If your business were an engine, Shopping Cart Elite would be the mechanism that makes sure that all the individual parts are working properly.

In fact, we have also developed a formula to help predict your chances of success. Use the chart below to see if your business has at least a 70% short term success rate. If you do have 70% or more and you are not growing on your current platform, then DO NOT WAIT! The window of opportunity will pass.

How to Cross the Chasm from Startup to Enterprise

Use our chart to avoid making the same mistakes Mark did. Dont let your business die in its first year. Lets build your business today using Shopping Cart Elite.