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Sell On Google and Get On Google Shopping Results

Google Shopping is a dedicated shopping search engine from Google. It allows searchers to find products for sale from online merchants, with search results featuring product SKUs, information, prices, stock availability and merchant ratings.

Unlike regular Google, only those who pay via PLAs Product Listing Ads are included within Google Shopping.

Google Shopping results do appear within regular Google searches, whenever Google believes theres a shopping match. These results are normally shown in a special shopping box integrated into regular results, which also shows a Sponsored disclaimer.

To sell products on Google, you will integrate your product information with the Google Merchant Center and provide Google Checkout information on your website. Product information is entered into a spreadsheet and then uploaded to the Google Merchant Center. After a customer purchases the product, he completes the payment information with Google Checkout Merchant. You will need your Google account information to access both the Merchant Center and Checkout Merchant. Your website must also be verified by the Google Merchant Center.

How to Sell Products on Google

So if you have decided to sell products on Google Shopping, it`s the most important decision you could ever make to boost your business. Because Google Shopping is the right investment that will bring you loyal customers in a short period of time.

These customers will consequently bring you sales. It`s all because Google shopping ads appear as a part of Google shopping results.

Why Are Google Shopping Results So Attractive?

And these ads have three advantages over other ads:
First, they do attract customers` attention more than regular ads or ads that appear on the websites. That is a fact. Google shopping is an effective way to increase clickability. In most cases, the amount of clicks are two-three times higher for Google shopping results compared to regular ads. No wonder. People are attracted by this platform.
Second, Google shopping results look appealing to customers. They have all the necessary information to make a potential shopper want to buy: high-quality images, brief description, and the price, for sure. If you`re looking for some product, search will show you Google shopping results among the first. And you will certainly find what you were looking for.
Third, customers put their trust in Google. This titan of the industry has an impeccable reputation, and those who sell products on the platform are granted with trust automatically as well by association. Most Internet users will pay attention to Google shopping results at first glance simply because they trust this e-commerce giant.

Google Shopping Sell Tips

Of course, it`s not so easy to sell products on Google Shopping. But if managed correctly Google Shopping sell can bring merchants some really great results. But before you rush to sell products on Google, you should definitely pay attention to some useful tips:

  • Feed automation. It`s all about the creation of an automated feed that just works. Loading products to spreadsheets then to Google Merchant Center can be time-consuming and exhausting. It`s more effective to use software that will update all the data regularly (30 days of delay and your Google account will be canceled, and Google will kick you out of the system). Experts also agree on the importance of software. More than that, it`s imperative to delete all the missing information from feed regularly. That is why your information has to be up-to-date and relevant for your customers. That is how you will squeeze all the juice out of Google shopping sell. An effective data feed is an essential condition of high Google shopping sell. Any software will work faster and will be able to analyze your data more accurately. There are brave people who decide to manage their feeds manually but that`s almost often waste of time and money and it`s ineffective for Google shopping sell.
  • Organizing product groups is important for Shopping campaign. It is an important condition of successful Google shopping sell. Customers love to see that products are structured and divided into categories. Products groups will also make the process of bidding a lot easier and you will be able to sell product on Google faster.
  • Bid management is another crucial aspect of Google shopping sell. There are numerous bid strategies described online but not all of them will result in good outcomes. If you know how to bid, it basically means that you know how to sell products on Google. Bids must be monitored regularly, analyzed attentively, and adjusted according to the most important parameters. Such as availability of goods, competitors` pricing, and possible benefits for you as a merchant. Sometimes you will have to bid up and sometimes bid down. Moe than that, it`s not always profitable to bid at all. Some goods should be deleted from the feed because they are not profitable to promote. In other words, if you want to take advantage of Google shopping sell, pay attention to bid management. Your bidding should be intelligent because your customers are even more intelligent.
  • Watching the competitors. There is a possibility that your rivals can sell products on Google for the same price. That`s why it`s important to monitor competitors and their goods, especially if they appear in Google shopping results along with your products. Google shopping sell can bring incredible results if you keep your rivals closer than your friends.

If you pay attention to all the important aspects of Google shopping, you will definitely reap the benefits of Google shopping sell. It`s not that difficult as it seems with special software that can automate the majority of important operations.

And it`s always effective to use as many channels of goods distribution as possible. Being a multi-channel seller is the key to success in the world of e-commerce today that is why you shouldn`t ignore Google Shopping in any case.

People put their trust in Google when searching for information. That is why they trust the products Google can offer. So it`s very effective to sell products on Google shopping as well as on other marketplaces.

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You can list all your product listings automatically with a few clicks of a button to:

  • Google Shopping

  • Bing Shopping
  • TheFind
  • Amazon Ads
  • eBay Commerce
  • Become
  • Sort Price
  • Nextag
  • PriceGrabber
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Your product data can be converted into any custom format of your choice for any third party marketplace, customer, or business partner. This includes converting your data into XML, EDI, or any format you desire.


You can submit your product data feeds to companies like Doba, DropShipDesign, Commission Junction, ShareASle, DoubleClick, and LinkShare. This will allow you to instantly increase your revenue through affiliate partners.

Supported Comparison Shopping Channels

Google Shopping
Bing Shopping