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Shopping Cart Elite vs. Magento Enterprise


We control the complete end to end process for setting up your online business and automating everything in it.


We built marketing systems on top of Shopping Cart Elite to work together as a bundle.


We implement 100% of the Google Webmaster recommended guidelines, and we also automate a lot of the white hat SEO.


You can easily sell on eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, and 20 other shopping channels without using another piece of software.


Predictive Analytics will Identify real and fake traffic, eliminate clickfraud, optimize your ad campaigns.

A Quick Tip - Learn What We Replace

Compared ToCompetition per monthShopping Cart Elite per month
Magento Enterprise Website$3,000.00included
Hosted PCI Security$300.00included
SLI Systems Search$1,500.00included
Power Reviews$800.00included
Alavara Taxes$1,000.00included
Enteprise ERP$1,000.00included
Lokad Sales Forecasting$225.00included
Ship Station Labelsnot availableintegrated
Zendesk Support Desk$500.00included
TEA Software Clickfraud$999.00included
Sales Force CRM$650.00included
Marketo CRM Marketing Automation$1,795.00included
Channel Advisor for Ebay & Amazon$1.000,00+included
Godatafeed for Google Shopping$169.00included
Full Setup & Migrationover pricedoptional
Marketing Advisornot availableoptional
Odesk Staff Monitoringnot availableoptional
Turnto Q&A$500.00optional
API Developmentadditionaloptional
New Feature Developmentnot availableoptional
Software Monthly Total:$12,463.00$499 - $999
Setup Total:$20,000 - $150,000$99/mo - $499/mo

Why pay more for less?

Lets momentarily put aside the fact that Magento Enterprise is built on ancient, bloated software with an agonizingly long learning curve and consider whats most important, the features you ARENT getting coupled with the high price tag you ARE paying for. Not only are you lacking any sort of advanced features to really excel your business with Magento Enterprise, but if you want to add these features your only option is to pay outside decentralized developers to do it and that of course isnt cheap.

Youd be essentially piecing together parts of your business from dozens of sources to attempt to make a whole business. Youll have to find a decent CRM, figure out omni-channel marketplace integration, look elsewhere for integrated analytics, add on social apps, pay expensive professional designers to customize your store to fit your branding, the list really never ends. So you really need to ask yourself, will it be worth the time and effort? If it doesnt pan out, how much money will you be losing if you cant get it to work right for your unique business?

Affordable Enterprise eCommerce Platform

Save yourself the hassle and go with an affordable full-featured platform like Shopping Cart Elite. With Shopping Cart Elite everything you need to run a successful Fortune 500 e-Commerce business is included in one easy to use platform. Were talking about SEO, ANALYTICS, MARKETPLACE MANAGEMENT, CRM, AUTOMATION, SOCIAL INTEGRATION along with a host of other unique features you wont find in any other software.

Features like TEA, Threat Engagement Analytics, a free add-on that gives you the ability to track your visitors mouse movement and mouse and keyboard clicks on your website allowing you to better understand your shoppers behaviors.

Youll be able to actually measure and discover how effective your call-to-actions, images, copy, what pages convert the best, which links drive customers away, achieving you unparalleled website optimization. And the best part is with Shopping Cart Elite EVERYTHING can be automated: from data feeds, to inventory updates, tracking, and even competitor spying and repricing.

World Class Support

You might have a great partner that will support your Magento Enterprise integration, but there is a limit to what they can do. Besides the fact that they will charge you an arm and a leg for the smallest enhancement that you will request, but if there is a core problem with Magento itself, they will relying on Magento support team. The only support you will get with Magento Enterprise is from their sales team. You can expect quick replies to your questions, albeit exaggerated and often filled with empty promises, during the initial sales process, but once theyve got your credit card info good luck getting in touch with them again. Customers complain even on emergency support tickets, the kind where your store is not functioning and you are receiving zero sales, Magento Enterprise will take 5-7 days to respond if not longer. Often times they will totally ignore tickets that take too much of their time to solve. Its unfortunate that many loyal Magento Enterprise customers have to shut down their e-Commerce businesses due to just lack of support.

Shopping Cart Elite customers are assigned into a Skype Group Chat with all of the department managers during the initial launch of their website for 30 days or less. That means you are constantly in contact with your own dedicated team of programmers, designers, marketing experts and more as they setup your store FOR YOU.

Your team will custom design your e-commerce website to fit your branding, migrate your products, perform data entry; basically everything you need to get your business online and making sales and you get to be there while it happens. In addition, our creative art director will oversee your project, and our chief branding officer will approve the final design before it is presented to you. And after your initial launch getting in contact Shopping Cart Elite experts is only a Skype message away or daily replies to support tickets. Were there for you because we care, and your business is our business.

So as you can see, Magento shopping cart is a less effective e-commerce solution compared to Shopping Cart Elite due to a number of reasons. It’s crucial to review them all once again to help you make the final decision:

  • Magento shopping cart is built on old-school software which is hardly customizable for inexperienced users. In most cases, online business owners hire additional developers, to make Magento shopping cart look better. Do you need that?
  • No easy integration with the top marketplaces that can increase your sales. It means that multi-channel selling won`t be accessible for you, and you will need to figure out omni-channel marketplace integration yourself. Of course, you can give up the idea of selling on Amazon and eBay, but it will mean less money for your business.
  • Like an ancient dinosaur Magento shopping cart is really slow, especially if run on little servers. Shopping Cart Elite can boast 2 seconds page loading speed, and that is one of the key factors of attracting customers.
  • Magento shopping cart is rather expensive taking into account its outdated software and lack of decent marketing solutions. For the same price an online seller can have much more with Shopping Cart Elite. SMM, SEO, PPC, content making, and e-mail marketing can speed up your business if you use our marketing services.

Magento shopping cart could have been a good solution ten years ago when it has just appeared. Today it is a more cost effective to choose modern software such as Shopping Cart Elite.

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