Connect Easy Data Feed & QuickBooks Online

Description: Learn how to connect Easy Data Feed app with QuickBooks Online.

Things We Cover:

  • Setting up a connection between QB & SCE EDF

Things We Cover:

  • Setting up a connection between QB & SCE EDF

Start: QuickBooks

Login to the QuickBooks Online website .


Start: Easy Data Feed

Open Easy Data Feed app by clicking Add-on Applications > Easy Data Feed from the SCE application.

Choose the QuickBooks Online add-on inside Easy Data Feed app:

  • Press App Store.
  • Go to Accounting, install and open the QuickBooks Online add-on.

Setup: Company ID

On QuickBooks Online website go to Settings > Account and Settings > Billing & Subscription and copy the Company ID

Paste the copied string inside Company ID field.


Setup: Authorization

Select field which you use in QuickBooks for Part Number (SKU or Name).

Check the Use QuickBooks Categories checkbox if you use Categories in QuickBooks.

Press Refresh Authorization button.

Your default browser will open a new tab with an Authorization request between Intuit QuickBooks and Shopping Cart Elite. Hit Authorize.


Setup: Additional QuickBooks Settings

Go back to the QuickBooks website and open Settings > Account and Settings

Make sure that inside Sales settings Sales form content section has at least the next setup:

  • Shipping is turned ON;
  • 3rd Custom field contains SCEOrderID text (without quotes), Internal and Public checkboxes are selected;
  • Discount is turned ON.

Press Save and Done to save the changes.

Set up Sales Tax if it wasnt done on this account before.

Open Sales Tax on the left menu and hit Set Up Sales Tax Rates.


EDF Settings

All accounts from the "product sync" section are going to be mapped to all inventory items, which will be submitted to QuickBooks.

Custom category item is used as a parent item for custom items from SCE orders. therefore, all custom items from SCE will be subitems of Custom category item.

SCE custom account is used for custom items from SCE orders. therefore, all custom items from SCE will be mapped to this account. it's not necessary to create a separate account for this purpose. any other income account can be used instead.

Adjustment account is used to adjust inventory in QuickBooks.

Default qty - will override inventory qty value for all items, which will be loaded from sce on products sync tab (if default qty checkbox is checked on products sync tab).

Any adjustment from SCE order will be submitted to QuickBooks as a separate item (which is chosen in settings in the order sync section).

Go back to Easy Data Feed app, product sync setting tab and enter Product Sync Default QTY, choose your Income Account, Expense Account and Inventory Asset Account

Add custom fields to SCE

Open Orders Sync and choose Adjustment Item, Discount Account, Custom Items - Income Account, Custom Items - Parent Item/Category and QBOrderID Custom Field

Open Sales Tax tab and choose your Sales tax from the dropdown

Save the EDF application


Product Sync

Load from sce - loads items from sce to EDF for review via API

Sync - synchronizes loaded items with the items from QuickBooks to check how many have already been added

Load to QB - loads all items which have "import" checkbox checked to QuickBooks.

Update QB items - updates all items which have “update” checkbox checked.

To sync products, open Product Sync tab and hit Load from SCE

Hit Sync

Press Import To QB or Update QB Products to either import or update products info to QuickBooks


Orders Sync

To sync orders, open Orders Sync tab and hit Load from SCE

Hit Sync

Press Import to QB to import orders data into QuickBooks



Choose Schedule item on the left menu, check Enable Schedule checkbox, press + on the bottom and set up the schedule rules.

Description field should always be filled out with the appropriate type:

  • SyncOrders - uploads orders.
  • SyncInventory - uploads inventory.
  • LoadQBInventoryToFTP - uploads QB inventory on FTP.

To upload QB inventory on FTP correctly, the settings should be configured the following way:

Press Save once you’re done.