Creating new Sears feed

Description: Follow these step-by-step instructions to create new Sears feed.

Things We Cover:

  • Creating Sears feed

Manage Marketplaces-Sell on Sears

Go to Marketplace > Sell on Sears

If you already have at least one Sears Feed, press New Feed > Pay Per Action > Sears


Sears Feed

Enter a Name for the feed, choose Submit Mode. (All Products option has to be chosen only in case if you are sure that the data is 100% perfect). Else, select Real products with default/real inventory.

If you want to use same product info as in SCE, then select Product info and set synchronization time to Manual to avoid slowdowns.

If you select Price and Inventory in Inventory Synchronization tab, then the info will be taken from SCE. You can set Minimum inventory and Maximum inventory for all the products in the feed.


Don't check Product info and Price to avoid overwriting of any existing data on Sears.

Discount is used to assign unique pricing for each marketplace (for more info check the tutorial on wholesale level discounts). In case of Sears you should check price option and product info to update prices on Sears.

If you select Unique Options Ads, then all the products with options will reflect on Sears as unique products.

Enter Sears seller login and password.

Login to your Sears seller account. Go to your Account settings > Fulfillment Locations. Copy Location ID and add it to the feed field.

Add Seller ID from your Sears seller account.

Then go to Account Info and Generate API Authorization Key (click "Generate New Key"). Then Add it to the feed field.


If you already generated API Key it will be changed to a new one. Old API Key will be removed!

Set API version to "v2_AOuth" and set date of start sync.


Category Mapping

Go to Products > Categories

Choose category and open it. Switch to Marketplace Mapping tab. Select category where you will sell your goods.

Click OK and Save then.


Add the products

Get back to your Sears feed (Marketplace > Sell on Sears). Switch to the Products tab and click Add > New Products

Choose the product and click Select

Open the product.

Switch to Marketplace Fields and choose Sears in Marketplace field.

Copy the product SKU to the SKU marketplace field.

Get back to your feed. Select the product. Click Force Submit > New Products. Then Save Feeds.