EBay Listing: Setup And Usage

Description: Learn how to start new eBay feed; submit new listings; revise listings; update inventory and prices.

Things We Cover:

  • Creating eBay listing Feed

Sell on eBay

Go to Marketing > Sell on eBay

If you already have at least one eBay Feed, press New Feed > Pay Per Action > eBay


eBay Feed

Enter a Name for the feed, choose Submit Mode (Selected Products for fake inventory data, which equals Minimum Inventory; Selected Products with Inventory Only for real inventory data from SCE app, learn more), Default and Minimum Inventory, Synchronizations, a Discount (optional).

On Api Details section:

  1. Choose Site;
  2. Enter eBay Login ID;
  3. Paste Api Url and Api Token;
  4. Press Get Token button.

On Listing Details section set Listing Type, Duration, Template, Header, etc.

On Payment Details: enter PayPal email address, that is linked to your eBay Seller account.

Seller Details fields are optional. You can add contact numbers here.

On Other Details tab you can Block a Buyer, set up Sales Tax according to state laws, Returns and restocking fee, Shipping settings (check global shipping program if you are using it).

Recommended settings for Returns:

Shipping Override setup:

Exclude Shipping:

(Check if you don't ship to Alaska)

Press Save and Save Feeds.


Attach Products

Open Products tab, press Add > New Products

Find products for the eBay listing, select them and click Select.

Hit Save Feeds.


Run the Feed

To run the listing, press Resume button and click Save Feeds


Add new Products

To submit new products choose these products and hit Force Submit > New Products.

You can check result on the Activity tab


Update products

To modify products in the listing (e.g. update price or inventory), open product settings inside SCE app, change them, save, go back to eBay listing settings, choose products to update and press Mark Submit, then Force Submit > New Products.


Revise products

If you want to end listings on ebay, choose products, hit Mark End and Force Submit > New Products.


Make sure you are submitting new Products you are NOT already listing on eBay to avoid duplicates and violations.

Active listings

To map your existing eBay listings with SCE products, download eBay Active Listings Report and map them with SCE items via item numbers.

On eBay: