Tag Manager

Description: The Tag Manager allows you to create a Marketing campaigns using tracking URL extension that can be used in any marketing campaigns

Things We Cover:

  • Tag Manager

Tag Manager

Go to Analytics > Tag Manager

You can select or add, edit, remove marketing campaigns using appropriate buttons

​You can create new or modify existing campaign

Configure your Campaign - Once your Query String is built up you can use it with any url for your website to market it and track the incoming traffic that way

https://www.domain.com/product/producta is the url with marketing you can add the query string ?source=a2 campaign&adnetwork=A2Domain&adtag1=Top Banner Paid&adcreative=XYZ&adposition=ABC&admatchtype= Exact&cemail=

End result is it will look like this https://www.domain.com/product/producta?source=a2 campaign&adnetwork=A2Domain&adtag1=Top Banner Paid&adcreative=XYZ&adposition=ABC&admatchtype=Exact&cemail=