EasyMail7 and Shipping Cart Elite Contact Segments for Email Marketing

Description: Learn how to set up contact list segments for newsletters in EasyMail7.

Things We Cover:

  • Connecting SCE app and EasyMail7
  • contact list segments7
  • EasyMail7 segment newsletters

Creating Segments in Shopping Cart Elite

Email Marketing > Contact Groups

You can use the AND/OR logic to populate the lists


A customer who purchased in the last 12 months a customer who also added items in the wish list but never checked out. This type of Customer would take the AND logic because you want a specific Result

A customer who Made a Purchase OR They added an item to their Wishlist OR they Signed up for a newsletter. This Type of Customer would use the OR Logic because you want to find customers with not so specific results and compile a list on OR Logic.

Creating a Custom Segment

Contact Groups in Easy Mail

Once you have created your custom segments and launched easy mail you can click on step 2 where it says View Contacts in Easymail7

You can see the segment that was created within sce shows up in the back office and pulls all email data from here you can do a few tasks from adding the emails to exclude list to creating a message and sending it.

How to send Email Message to Contact list

Once you have created your segments and they are loaded into easy mail 7 you can send emails to that contact list from shopping cart elite.

Note: G-Lock Software Company, the creator of EasyMail7 app is a partner of Shopping Cart Elite. The EasyMail7 add-on is a special SCE Edition . It differs from the Personal, Business and Enterprise EasyMail7 editions