EasyMail7 add-on for Email Marketing

Description: Learn how to set up and use Email Marketing add-on for newsletters called EasyMail7.

Things We Cover:

  • Connecting SCE app and EasyMail7
  • Adding outgoing mailbox to EasyMail7
  • Checking EasyMail7 tutorials

Mailing groups connection

To connect add-on to your SCE customers database you have to create a Contact Group inside SCE app (its the first step of tutorial Auto-responders and Segments for Email Marketing).



To open the EasyMail7 add-on go to Add-ons > Easy Mail

Note: G-Lock Software Company, the creator of EasyMail7 app is a partner of Shopping Cart Elite. The EasyMail7 add-on is a special SCE Edition. It differs from the Personal, Business and Enterprise EasyMail7 editions



To check and change settings, go to Settings

Lets add a new outgoing mailbox. Press Add Outgoing Email Account

On the General tab enter the Account Name, From Name, From E-mail address, Reply E-mail address, Bounce (Return) E-mail address and mark the checkbox Use as default account for sending.

Go to Delivery Options tab, fill out SMTP Server, Security protocol, Port and authentication info. Press OK to save the account.

The email and mailing groups setup is done.