Auto-responders and Segments for Email Marketing

Description: Learn how to set up Email Marketing Autoresponders, Contact Groups and start sending mass mail.

Things We Cover:

  • Creating new Contact Group
  • Adding new Autoresponder (campaign)
  • Adding new Message to a campaign
  • Connecting contacts and campaigns

Mailing groups

Email campaigns inside our application consist of Contact Groups (former Segments) and Auto-responders.

Lets start with a Contact Group. Go to Email Marketing > Contact Groups

Hit New Segment and type a name for it

Now we have to add some rules for filtering customers.
For example, we want to create a group of customers who have abandoned cart and checkout on the website.

So inside the Rules section we click on New Rule > Products > Abandon Cart

Press OK on the pop-up

Now, same steps for Abandon Checkout:


In this case we need to rules to work separately (customers be added to the list if they have OR abandoned cart, OR abandoned checkout), so the Logical Operator is OR:

Save the group by pressing Save

You can check the list of contacts on the Output tab:



The next part is creating an Autoresponder that will contain messages to send.

Open Email Marketing > Autoresponders

Open Responders tab and click New

When youre ready to approve the request click Approve For Refund button. You can also Switch to Exchange or Reject the request.

If you wish to have an unsubscribe link for the campaign messages, mark the appropriate checkbox on the Unsubscribe tab

Click OK

Save the responder by clicking Save button



As mentioned before, responders are campaigns, that should include some messages. Lets take a look at responder messages.

Pick a responder and click New Message > Email Message

Choose Send Type and Send On date

Go to Email tab, put the message Subject, Body Text, choose time to Send At and press OK

Save it by clicking Save



Now the system is ready and set, so lets connect contact group with the responder and start the campaign.

Open Email Marketing > Contact Groups again

Pick a segment and check a checkbox next to the responder you want to assign the group to

Save the changes

Go back to Email Marketing > Autoresponders

Open Responders tab, highlight the responder you want to start and press Resume


You can test the responder by clicking Test Responder button. You will have to enter your mailbox to send test messages to.