Google Tracking

Description: Create a conversion action to track customer actions on your website. You'll set up the conversion Tracking in your AdWords account and get a piece of code called a "tag." To finish setting up conversion tracking, you'll add the conversion tag to your website.

With AdWords conversion tracking, you can see how effectively your ad clicks lead to valuable customer activity, such as website purchases.

Things We Cover:

  • Google Tracking

Step 1

Generate the Tracking code from Google AdWords
Sample of The Tracking Code you can see on screenshot

Shopping Cart Elite uses the same Titles as Provided by the Google Tracking Code.


Step 2

Integrating the AdWords Tracking Code in Shopping Cart Elite
Go to Online Store > Settings > Shopping Cart > Google Tracking

Click "ADD" button and using already generated code fill in fields

Using dropdown select proper value

If your currency is not USD then enter it manually, otherwise select USD from dropdown

Choose your option for remarketing to your visitors (YES or NO)

In the end press "OK" and "Save"