Online Store Settings

Description: Front end Settings for managing some Main functions of the front end of the website like managing some rules and settings for your search results, product page, Shopping cart and check out process.

Things We Cover:

  • Online Store Settings


Go to Online Store > Settings

You can activate specific features for website. You can customize footer to update copyright information in footer. ICBM is for geo location of your retail store to be passed to google local search results. Also you can enable tracking organic traffic for x amount of time for the website

Redirect user after login to a specific location: Home Page, My Account Dashboard or a custom URL of your choosing

Type custom message for custom form or message to people trying to register

Settings to enable manual approved of signup, guest checkout login to view products reject crawlers or allow acces to assigned products only

You can fill in Home Page SEO, enable different search options on home page, triger different options to triger results for vehicle search and you can use checkbox to show new or featured icons on products

You can enter policy information to the terms content sections

You can check mark activates the tabs on product pages and enter custom tabs names. Also you can change the labels text

You can manage some product page rules and show inventory or hide inventory status

You can manage how related products are to be used on product pages

You can manage different functions and behavior of product page

You can set watermark and position of watermark, manage image compression and choose the sections you want to black list for external use

You can manage rules and settings for the price quote feature site wide on all products

You can activate and manage autoship settings for your autoship products

You can manage search rules and settings on how the search results behave based on these settings

You can optimize your search algorhythum based on your search rules and settings

You can customize and require specific things during registration for and account on the website you can also create custom signup values using our CRM fields that can be used during registration

You can manage side menu settings on how and what you want to display on the side menu

You can manage links in the side menu. You can add, edit or remove them using appropriate buttons

You can manage the content on Contact Us page

You can manage the rules and flow of the Shopping Cart. Also you can change label of wishlist

You can manage how you handle the order with different shipping addresses, set redirect user to a specific URL after checkout and manage the rules and flow of the checkout process

You can add or remove where the traffic originated from source, and set require during checkout

You can enter Google Conversion Tracking script variables so Google can track your orders and traffic conversions

You can manage link exchange settings and add link exchange information.