Order Fulfilment

Description: The tutorial shows how to make Order Fulfilment.

Things We Cover:

  • Making Order Fulfilment

Order Fulfilment

Go to Order > Fulfilment

You can filter orders based on order date and select date order came in using dropdown below

In dropdown you can see order status: New Order, Assigned order to supplier, Processed order with supplier

You can filter down to a specific order to fulfill. Also you can choose a customer, supplier, shipping carrier and source of order using appropriate buttons

Choose between different order status to see orders already processed, assigned or not, assigned in the order fulfillment screen

You can change order fulfillment date to process order in the future

If drop shipping and vendor is out of stock you can assign to another vendor

For Products You ship yourself you can change your internal work flow
If you are stocking and ship your own goods you can put your products on a workflow that your stuff must follow before any items can be shipped

You can enter tracking number for the order if it has already shipped by clicking shipout

You can manage some order tasks like settling order, putting order on back order or cancel an order. Also you can mark order not fraud

You can email customer, open customer account and order, generated invoice packing slip & international forms using appropriate buttons


For dropship orders

You can download order file in CSV format. If order is already processed with supplier you can mark order as processed. Also you can email the order to supplier using "Send to supplier"


For orders you ship your self

If order has already been processed you can mark "Processed". Also if you are ready to proceed with order you can place it into workflow. Also you can see order details and order information regarding order.