Add outsource Mailbox to Backoffice

Description: Learn how to add an outsource mailbox to the Backoffice to let you be able to use it inside the app.

Things We Cover:

  • Adding 3rd party Mailbox

Connection Details

Open and copy settings for POP3 and SMTP on your email control panel (Google Apps / Office365 / Godaddy / Zoho / etc.).


Make sure that POP3 is enabled and check if SMTP needs authentication.

Emails Settings

Go to Settings > Email accounts

You will see a list of Mailboxes you have in the Store


Add new

Click New



  • Enter the Email Address
  • Choose Mailbox Provider > 3rd Party
  • Fill out: POP3 Server, Incoming Port, Username/Email, Password, SMTP Server, Outgoing Port (+ SMTP Username and SMTP Password if your provider requires SMTP user authentication)
  • Check Keep Messages on the server checkbox
  • Check Secure Connection checkbox if your provider requires SSL, TLS or STARTTLS

Specify Details

Now you can modify some settings for the new Mailbox (this is optional).

  • Mailbox title title of the Mailbox in the Backoffice app
  • Your name recipients will see it as senders name
  • Permissions tab lets you specify Employees access to that email
  • Support Desk tab can be used to connect the Email and a Support Desk
  • Folders tab is for managing Email Folders
  • Custom Rules tab has feature to set up, for example, a Forwarding action
  • Advanced tab: settings on sending limits, mailbox cleaning

Save Mailbox

Click OK

And Save