Help Desk: setup and usage

Description: Learn how to create and use Help Desk (former Support Desk).

Things We Cover:

  • Creating eBay Help Desk
  • Connecting the Desk with a mailbox
  • Using Boards Tickets


Go to Settings > Help Desk


Service Board

Open Service Boards tab and press New Board.

Enter Board Name, choose a Department and Audit. You can make the Board Public as well. One ticket per customer feature is useful if use the board for communications with customers. At least one Border Task is needed (e.g. To review).

On Employee tab you can give your employees access to the board.

Notification Emails tab allows you to enable email notifications to your customers (Public) and employees (Internal).

You can save some message replies into Canned Messages.

On Custom Values tab you can add a specific field for Ticket window (e.g. Order question > Yes/No).

Hit Save and Save to save the desk.



You can connect the Help Desk with a mailbox to let incoming emails be converted into Help Desk Tickets and send in-tickets replies back to customers.

Go to Settings > Email Accounts

Double click on mailbox you want to connect, or highlight it and click Edit.

Open Support Desk tab, check Tickets Mailbox checkbox, choose the Help Desk for Out (to send ticket updates) and for In (to convert incoming emails into tickets).

Press OK, OK and Save.



You can manage tickets inside Customers > Tickets

Choose the Board, search in tickets or create a new ticket.

Ticket Information indicates Status, Board, Task, Deadline and Source.

Customer Information shows customer Email, Phone, Full name, etc. You can attach a customer account by clicking Attach button.

Tickets main text is located in center of the window.

Notes tab has Internal and Public notes. Public notes will be sent to customers if you connected an email with the Help Desk.

Employees tab shows which employees are associated with the ticket and how much time did they spent on it.

Tasks tab is needed for creating and directing tasks to different users.

Inside Attachments tab you can attach a file to the ticket.

Followups tab helps to create follow-up notifications for employees.

View Log and Activity Log tabs have tickets history.

Press Save or Save & Exit to save the ticket after making changes.

Employees can manage their tickets inside Tasks > To Do Tasks screen.