Where to Buy & Dealer Inventory Feeds

Description: Setting up your B2B Dealer inventory in the Backoffice so you can showcase who has your products in stock on your website.

Things We Cover:

  • Dealer Inventory Feed
  • Where To Buy

Dealer Feeds

Go to Products > Inventory


What is the purpose of setting up dealer feeds?

If you are a manufacturer and want to refer business to your dealer network to increase sales you can import their inventory feeds on a schedule so you can display them on the where to buy section of that product page for that sku and customer can contact that dealer to make the purchase.


Dealer Data Feed Setup

Go to Products > Inventory > Dealer Feed

  • NOTE: Dealer must Submit their inventory Feed in csv or txt format only.
  • The following headers are required for the inventory feed to import.
  • Activating Where to buy on product page
  • Go to Online Store > Settings > Product
  • Setting up a user for Buy it now
  • Go in customer account and make sure the user account has primary business address mapped to the account. Once Mapped you will be able to use this account for Dealer Feeds

Show Dealers Feed on product Page

Once your feed is activated and tab your product page will display show dealers button where the add to cart is incase you are out of stock and you will also get a Separate tab for where to buy for your customers