Batch Update

Description: Learn how to upload, change and delete a bunch of products in bulk using Excel app and Batch Update feature in the Backoffice app.

Things We Cover:

  • Creating product via Batch Update

Bulk Update

Go to Products, then Product Bulk Update.

Youll see a screen for uploading new Batch Update files and history of previous Batch Updates for your Store.



Batch Update Documentation is dynamic and its published on

Field Name column shows name of columns needed for creating a Batch Update file (for Adding Products and Updating Products).

The link contains columns like Definition and Use, Example, Accepted Values, which help you to fill the Batch Update file.

DATA Sheet tab is a blank Batch Update file. You can copy the first row to Excel to start creating a new Batch Update file.


New Batch Update file

  1. For creating new Batch Update file you will need to open Excel app, or any other application that can change and save .CSV files
  2. Create new blank file using the app
  3. Copy needed fields from the Documentation link (2nd step of this tutorial)
  4. Save the file in .CSV (comma delimited) format
  1. Go back to the SCE app, press New Product Batch button and pick the Batch Update file you created
  1. Hit Refresh and wait until the system completes scanning and processing the Batch Update file
  1. You can check if theres any error or warning message in the bottom of the screen
  1. To check results of your completed Batch Update go to Products > Edit Products and pick an appropriate product Category