Updating existing values

Description: Learn how to update existing values using bulk update.

Things We Cover:

  • Updating existing values

Getting information about products

To update products using bulk update, we will need this information

  • ProdID or Spider URL
  • Product Type
  • Part number
  • Value to be updated

You can get all this information looking at a product or using Export.


Prepare spreadsheet with

We need to prepare a spreadsheet for bulk update. In addition to the information mentioned in #1, we will need to add a column named “Action” with value “update” for each line of an update.


Save and apply bulk update

Save spreadsheet in .csv (comma delimited) format and upload it according to the instruction - Batch update

NOTE: Not all fields can be updated. You cannot update:
Part Number
Spider URL
Option Chooses and Titles
All Automotive Applications Fields ( Vehicle Make, Vehicle Model and etc.)