Cross Sell Category Mapping

Description: You can setup cross sell categories based on product specification values.

Things We Cover:

  • What is cross sell category mapping and how does it work?

Before creating any Cross sell categories based on specifications you must map the specifications against products if not already done.


Go to Products > Categories

Create/modify any product level category and map your product rules.

In a new window switch to "Product mapping" tab.

Put the values of specifications. For example, if you want to map colors you put "Black", "Red", "Green" to show the products for those color only.
Also choose one of the rules in the right column.

Once done - click "Save" to save the information.

Click on "Reindex Tags" to map categories with the product specifications rules mapping to trigger the products to show in product categories.


For immediate results reset cache in "Online Store" > "Cache"