Create Discount

Description: Learn how to create any Special or Discount Code (e.g. "Free Ground Shipping"; "10% off from an order").

Things We Cover:

  • Creating new Discount


Go to Products > Discounts


New Discount

Hit New



Set the info you want:

Code Type:

  • Special is a visible discount that appears on the Website as Special;

  • Discount Code is a hidden discount that doesnt appear on the Website. Its mainly used for print and email marketing;

Description describes the Special that being promoted on the Website;

Discount Type is a discount substance (e.g.: Dollar Off or Percent Off);

Code is the discount identity (you can generate it or customize for promotional purposes);

Image URL can be added to a Special;

Configuration tab contains general settings for a discount (like Expiration Date or Order Limit per 1 Customer);

On Restrictions tab you can specify which Category / Brand to be discounted and who can use the Discount;

Options tab has a few custom rules on how to apply discounts on orders;

Combine Rule is for making some discounts combinable and applicable at the same time.

Notifications: Visitor notifications will be shown on the Website before or/and after Discount has automatically applied.

Click Save once you're done.



Hit Save to save the new discount.