Product Reviews

Description: Learn how to manage Customers Reviews on store Products.

Things We Cover:

  • Managing Product Reviews

Products Reviews

Go to Products, then Reviews.

Activate Native Reviews if this hasnt been done yet.


Search Reviews

You can search existing Reviews by Type (All Reviews / Unapproved Reviews), related Product, Tag or by text of a review


Manage Reviews

To manage reviews, select some of them and Approve or Remove or select one and Modify it.


Add Reviews

You can add a New Review manually.

Press New Review button

Find and select a product your new review is related to

Press New button, type your review text and hit Save

You can select a rating now.

You can select a rating now.

Take a note, that the review is already approved

Hit Save to Save the changes

And press Save button again


Import Reviews

To import new reviews in bulk, prepare a .txt (Tab delimited) file in Excel with columns:

  • Type (Review)
  • Product
  • Part No
  • Title
  • Content
  • Rating
  • Create Date
  • Email

Save the file on your PC as .txt (Tab delimited) file.

Open SCE app back and click Import

Browse the saved file and press Import when the file is scanned and ready.