Description: Follow these step-by-step instructions to use the Q&A feature.

Things We Cover:

  • Using the Q&A feature

To use the Q&A feature you need to enable the Native reviews for Shopping Cart Elite.



Go to Products > Q&A

Click New Question button to add a new question.

Type your question.

Switch to Answers tab and click New button to add answers to your question.

Type your answer. Once done - click Save button to save the answer.

If there is more then one answer - choose the Best Answer and also Approve the answers to show them on the website.

Switch to Tags tab. Add search tags or preselect previously created ones.

Switch to Products tab and click Attach button to attach existing products to your question.

Switch to Attachments tab. Attach images or PDFs to your product questions.

Click Save button once done.

Select and Approve questions.

Click Import button.

Import questions as a txt file. Once done - click Import button to import questions.


Q&A Web Interface

Go to your website FAQ page (domain.com/faq). On the left side your tags show up as topics for FAQ page.

Questions can be search or user can ask a generic question.

On product page customer can search for questions that are related to this product.

User can login to ask question.

At the bottom user can see answers.