Google Shopping

Description: The tutorial shows how to setup Google Shopping.

Google Shopping updates items info/inventory with FTP, you`ll neeed to create the FTP file in your Google account

Things We Cover:

  • Google Shopping

Map categories

You need to map all your categories with Google Shopping

NOTE: Username and password listed in settings are required to enter into SCE Backoffice MP feed

Set the basic info part

Choose Upload

IMPORTANT: Enter the file name that will be used further in SCE Backoffice MP feed

Map the items with Google Shopping MP fields

NOTE: Put exact the same name FALSE to identifier exists field to avoid Google Shopping errors related to GTIN checking

If it`s your first Google Shopping entry, please make sure that the shipping is set for your account

Create the Google Shopping MP feed in SCE backoffice, you can add and submit items with the feed as usual

Use information you have entered in step 2. Press Save and Force Submit

NOTE: FTP server should be the same as on screenshot

After processing the items you`ll be able to review them in Products > Diagnostics tab